Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hi, and welcome to Biddy in the Boonies! Come on in, you can leave your shoes by the door. Have some fresh bread with blueberry jam while I tell you all about myself.

My name is Sissy, and I live way out in the boonies. To get here you have to turn at the grocery store, then keep driving up the curvy mountain road and through the forest for about an hour (But that's how you got here, innit?) My backyard is full of deer, rabbits and woodchucks, and my house is full of kids - can't rightly tell you which are mine and which are the neighbors - they're all covered head to toe in mud.

Way out here we don't go to many movies, don't do much shopping, or much at all that you regular folks do, but we still have a darned good time. I hope to see you around!

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