Thursday, August 15, 2013

Homemade Soda Pop (and a fizzy failure!)

I bet most of you have had homemade root beer. It's pretty easy - get a big pitcher or bucket, add water, sugar, and root beer flavoring. Mix it up really well, then add dry ice. It'll start bubbling, and then gas will start to come out the top. When it's all (or mostly) done bubbling, it's ready!

Well, we had a bunch of dry ice chips from one of our grocery store voyages, but no root beer flavoring. I thought, "If root beer works, why not kool-aid?" So I whipped up a pitcher of strawberry-watermelon, dropped in the dry ice, and bubble, bubble, bubble, ack! It bubbled right over the top. It turns out you shouldn't fill any container more than halfway full before adding the dry ice. Poured some out, tried it again. Success!

But I still had more dry ice. What else could I fizz?

That night for dinner we had delicious fizzy kool-aid, slightly strange fizzy grape juice, and the biggest, fizziest mistake ever:

Fizzy Chocolate Milk.

You know what happens when you give a kida  straw and let them blow bubbles in a glass of kool-aid? Not much. But what happens if you let them blow bubbles in a glass of chocolate milk? The bubbles build up, and don't pop. If the kid keeps blowing, they keep building until the glass overflows with sticky chocolate bubbles.  Well, dry ice is like the kid that Just. Won't. Stop. Bubbles rose up to the top of the quart jar. Bubbles domed over the top. Bubbles, sliding down and covering the countertop. Inspiration! Bubbles, now filling up the sink.

Please kids, don't try this at home.

(pictures and/or video coming shortly.)

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